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Our mission is simple: we exist to help business owners achieve lasting growth through honest, committed relationships and strategic planning. 

In business, an inflection point marks the critical moment where major changes occur, altering a company’s trajectory. 

In the context of Inflection Marketing, the name itself implies a dedicated emphasis on these pivotal moments, helping business owners navigate and capitalise on significant shifts through innovative marketing strategies.

Zara McGuffie
CEO + Director

Sustainable growth and scalable solutions

Our Approach

Powered by humans, fuelled by data

At Inflection, we blend human creativity with data-driven insights to guide your business decisions beyond just paid advertising. Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on sustainable growth and scalable solutions across all aspects of your business.

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How We Can Help

We go beyond just digital. With us, it’s about driving growth through a comprehensive understanding of your brand and its place in the market.

Marketing Strategy

We believe getting strategic is the first step. When we dive into a marketing strategy for your business, we determine your brand positioning, identify your points of difference and create a visual identity to help you stand out online.

Our comprehensive approach builds out a holistic growth strategy that covers both organic and paid channels. This is a great option for small businesses, startups, or businesses that are feeling a little stuck. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer just a platform; it’s a bustling marketplace of stories, dreams, and conversations. Your customers aren’t just looking for products; they’re seeking an experience, a connection, and a community to belong to.

We manage your social media platforms for you, giving you time to focus on other areas of the business.

Paid Advertising

With more people shopping online than ever before, and e-commerce revenue predicted to skyrocket between 2024 and 2028,  there’s never been a more crucial time to invest in paid advertising. Our team specialises in Meta and Google Advertising, focussing on growing your business through strategic split testing, optimisations and data analysis. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing can quickly become a passive revenue stream for your business, when set up effectively. With more customers asking for tailored communication from their favourite brands, this is an absolute non-negotiable for business owners. 

Lead Generation

Running a service-based business? Say goodbye to searching for leads and cold-calling businesses, with an intelligent strategy that brings potential customers into your sales funnel.

Why Us?


It’s not just a buzzword for us; it’s the cornerstone of our brand identity. Integrity and transparency permeates every aspect of our operations, from our communication with clients to our ethical business practices.


We’re different from other agencies, we don’t want to  work for you, we want to work with you. We believe in the power of synergy, where our expertise and your vision come together to achieve remarkable results. 


We are committed in heart and mind to helping your business grow. Our dedication goes beyond mere transactions; it fuels our relentless pursuit of innovative, out-of-the-box solutions and unwavering support for your success.


At our core, we recognise the profound impact of giving back and view our platform as a catalyst for positive social change. Each year, we donate 1% of our profits and devote 1% of our time to supporting both local and global charities. Join our newsletter to see our annual impact report. 

Let's Chat

Whether you’re just starting out with a new business idea, or are looking for some strategic advice of where to focus next, we’d love to help. 

Book a free consult via the calendar or send us an email and we’ll be in touch. 

Let's Chat

Whether you’re just starting out with a new business idea, or are looking for some strategic advice of where to focus next, we’d love to help. 

Book a free consult via the calendar or fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.